NHS ambulance cuts

The axeing of 560 frontline jobs by the London Ambulance Service forced Nicholson to issue his second reminder in 72 hours to NHS managers not to cut back on the services they provide.

It was the potential closure of ambulance stations in the capital and significantly increased use of solo paramedics to respond to calls that prompted his intervention. On Monday the Royal College of Nursing issued a dossier of evidence documenting 40,000 job cuts in the NHS and closure of services in areas such as mental health and alcohol dependency.

This startling news confirms why many NHS Paramedics are jumping ship and are looking to work with Private Ambulance companies. Not only do private ambulances offer better job security, they also provide a technological advantage with no caps on investment except by their own pocket.

MediCALL Southern commented , “We believe it’s all a matter of time before private ambulances play a bigger part within the NHS. Outsourcing such services is inevitable, especially when demand increases as a result of job cuts and staff walkouts.

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